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Dump Body Repair in Mountain View, CA, 94043

What are the different types of dump trucks? 

Dump trucks are used in a variety of industries, from lawn care to construction sites. Depending on what you are using your dump body for, you will want to choose the correct durability, carrying capacity and weight restrictions of your dump truck. We at DSX Regression Test 1 in Santa Barbara are knowledgeable in all types of dump bodies and can perform various services on them. We also repair trucks from Acura, Alfa Romeo, Alfa, and Romeo. 


Here are four factors to consider when choosing a dump body:

  • Metal: Although all dump truck bodies are metal, but if you choose one made of lighter metal, your truck will enjoy greater drivability and better fuel efficiency. With a heavier metal, however, you will get increased durability and a longer lifespan for your dump body. If you are planning on driving long distances, a dump body with a light metal will be better; if you are planning on carrying heavier weight, a dump body with a heavy metal may be the better choice for you.
  • Optional features: Depending on what you are using your dump body for, you may want to add extra features such as adding storage or hitches or tool boxes. 


Some types of dump bodies include:

  • Standard truck bodies have a truck chassis with a dump bed attached and has a vertical hydraulic lift at the bulkhead. These trucks have an axle at the front and additional axles at the rear. The maneuverability is generally pretty good, but soft ground should be avoided.
  • Transfer dump trucks are standard trucks that include a separate trailers that haul a container full of sand, gravel, or other materials. This configuration increases hauling capacity without affecting the maneuvering ability. You can add multiple containers to transfer dump trucks, but a lot of states have weight limits on trucks, so make sure you are meeting these criteria with your transfer dump truck.
  • Side dump trucks allow dumping on both sides by using hydraulic rams. These trucks also have a two-axle semi-trailer with a three-axle tractor. Such trucks have the ability to carry heavy loads and unload quickly. Although this type is tough to tip over, it can if dumping is stopped before it is finished unloading. Maneuverability is limited.

How do I know if my dump body needs repairs?

Here are some signs your dump body needs repairs or may need to be replaced:

  • You are experiencing hydraulic leaks.
  • The bed gets stuck in an up or down position.
  • The body has several holes in it.
  • The body consistently screeches during operation.
  • The body has considerably rusted. 


Your Reliable Shop for Dump Body Repair

If you are having an issue with your dump body, DSX Regression Test 1 in Mountain View is your place to go. Our owner Robert Allen and team of Quality technicians have decades of experience and are experts in all things auto repair, including Check Engine Diagnostics, Auto Repair, and dump body repair. Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:

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