Semi Truck Alignment In Mountain View, CA

What Does a Semi Truck Alignment Entail?

Wheel alignments are a part of regular routine maintenance to ensure your tires last their entire lifetime. By getting a tire alignment, you are preventing your semi truck from driving abnormally, such as by causing excessive tire wear and poor handling. Depending on the manufacturer, like Acura, Alfa Romeo, Alfa, Romeo, and the type of semi truck, including fire trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, cement trucks, and RVs, there are different specifications on how to tilt and position the tires on the vehicle. If you don’t get a wheel alignment after noticing different warning signs or ignoring vehicle maintenance schedules, you risk having uneven tread wear as well as put your safety at risk too.

Some Signs That You May Need to Get a Semi Truck Alignment

Uneven tread wear: Improper alignment can cause certain parts of the tread of your vehicle to wear unevenly and quickly. If you notice that your tires are wearing out unevenly, come to DSX Regression Test 1 to get them fixed.

Vehicle pulling to the left or right: If the tires on your vehicle are not aligned at their correct positions, they can cause your vehicle to pull left or right when your steering wheel is straight. Overtime, this can get more severe and cause more damage to your vehicle. 

Your steering wheel is off center when driving straight: If your vehicle tires are not aligned properly, your steering wheel will be off center and it will require extra steering correction to keep your vehicle straight. 

Steering wheel vibration: If your wheels are not properly aligned, it can cause vibrations overtime (or if left uncorrected) in your vehicle.

There are different procedures that our Quality technicians follow while doing a wheel alignment. They check the tire pressure to ensure that it is at its right level and perform wheel balancing and mounting, alignments on the rotors, tire rotation as regular maintenance, and replace the axle and control arm if there are signs of damage. We at DSX Regression Test 1 are up to date on the latest technology in automotive repair and use tools such as computerized wheel and frame alignments to better assess your vehicle and fix it.

What Are the Parts of a Semi Truck's Steering and Suspension Systems?

If your semi truck's wheels are misaligned, it will heavily impact your vehicle's steering and suspension systems. Here are the suspension and steering components of a semi truck and why they're important for creating a smooth ride for your vehicle:

Springs: The springs in your vehicle work to hold up the weight of your vehicle. Our Exceptional technicians can perform a spring modification on your vehicle if needed.

Bushings: Bushings are placed on your semi truck's suspension and steering joints to control the amount of movement in the joints and reduce vibration and noise.

Kingpins: Kingpins connect the steering axle to the steering knuckle, which allows the wheel ends to turn your vehicle.

We at DSX Regression Test 1 in Mountain View can take care of your vehicle's suspension parts, whether you have a camelback suspension, a walking beam suspension, or anything else. We can also perform emergency vehicle suspensions should your semi truck face unexpected issues.

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Wherever your next trip in your semi truck may be, you do not want to be driving worn out, unstable tires. If you are in Santa Barbara, the 94043 area, or nearby, you can bring your truck or fleet to DSX Regression Test 1 for various auto repair services, such as [primary service], [secondary service], and semi truck alignment. Our Quality technicians and owner Robert Allen are experts in all things auto repair and are continuously trained on the latest automotive technology and auto parts. At DSX Regression Test 1, we carefully inspect your vehicle to resolve its issues and follow the maintenance schedule the way the manufacturer intended. Our Quality technicians have the training and latest technology to provide you with quality service. We have excellent ratings based on reviews from 560 satisfied customers, and our services come with a [warranty years]/[warranty distance] warranty. Additionally, our technicians are [certification]. 

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